Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sometimes, You Take What You Can Get

Today officially marked one week spent entirely in our house, other than one brief trip to SuperTarget last Friday. We haven't been able to go anywhere or do anything because of the littles' sickness. Miss is definitely on the upswing now, but Master has now entered the realm of the very bad mood, and wants to sit on my lap at all times. I am tired, and a bit stir-crazy, but the past couple of days have also brought some sweet moments that have served to lighten the load around here.

Master's use of new words continues to entertain us, and always makes me smile. He has begun to give an enthusiastic "AMEN" after the mealtime prayer. He also loves the word "taco" and says it all the time while we're eating, as if to request a substitution on his plate. He has also learned to say his own name, and loves to repeat it when we reprimand him for something. Which, of course, makes reprimanding him all the more difficult. Because we're trying not to laugh at his adamant exclamations of his own name.

Miss has also made some strides in the past days. For the first time, she wrote her own name. We haven't really practiced this task, but she was very determined to write it on a note that she was composing for Daddy. She did an amazing job, in my opinion, though the r's were upside down, and the E was a bit unrecognizable. Her insistence on doing it herself, though, was very sweet, and her Daddy was quite pleased when he found the note on his pillow at midnight after a late shift.

And so, some of the simple, sweet aspects of our everyday life sustain us through a lot of drudgery and discomfort over the past week. And now, I must end, because a little guy is crying in his crib.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Illness Update

Thank you to all for your prayers for Miss . . . she is doing better, but is still in a wretched mood because of her lingering cough. Miss does not handle being sick very well. She finds it all very frustrating, and exclaims every few hours that she is still not better, and may not ever be any better.

Master, on the other hand, is now in the midst of the worst of the sickness, with a terrible cough. He is having trouble sleeping, and sounds *so* very pathetic.

The littles were doing well enough yesterday to take part in a very short trip to the St. Paul winter carnival with Daddy. Here they are, bundled up and ready to go:

They saw ice sculptures and visited the "Hotdish Tent," and returned home before the deep freeze began to set in around here. We're hoping that a few days of rest at home will return the little ones to normal, and that Mr. and I can continue to avoid the ick.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sick Little Girl

Please pray for little Miss Peanut. She is so very sick with a fever and a sore throat / bad cough. She looks beyond pathetic, with little swollen eyes that are constantly full of tears. We know it's serious when she:

1. Is quiet.
2. Says: "I'm just not feeling well enough to dance."
3. Won't let me out of her sight for the slightest fraction of a moment.

It looks as though we are going to miss the Presbyterian Pizza Party at our church tomorrow night. We are bummed, especially because we have so enjoyed saying "Presbyterian Pizza Party" as often as we could for the past couple of weeks.

Oh well.

Pray also that the rest of the household can avoid the ick. Especially little Master.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So, I'm Cold

I have come to realize over that past week that I am almost always feeling cold. I am cold in the house (despite the fact that we set our thermometer at a much higher temperature than most in these here parts). I am beyond cold whilst walking to the car, and I am freezing in the car as it warms up. I try to spend little to no time outside, other than when I am scurrying to the car. Since we returned from our trip to California, we have not seen 30 degrees here in the Twin Cities. I am finding myself avoiding necessary errands. I *need* to go to Walgreens. I *must* purchase some tweezers, because I lost mine on our trip. My eyebrows are beginning to make me look like near-man. Yet, I gaze out upon the snowy landscape, and choose warmth over good grooming.

The latest forecast from The Star-Tribune looks like this:

A weak clipper could brush southwestern Minnesota with a little light snow in the Metro only a dusting is expected by Wednesday morning

A quick warm snap could push highs into the 30s on Friday

More arctic air heading this early next week lows will drop below zero

I love that highs in the 30's constitute a warm snap.

The children, meanwhile, do not mind the cold in the slightest and would frolic in the snow all day if I were game for such activities. In many parenting tasks, I have had to learn to be bold since moving here. I brave the stores and malls with both kids in tow on a regular basis. I handle all parts of our daily routine single-handedly because of Mr.'s varying work schedule. But this, my friends, I am afraid I cannot do. Standing in the snow. Freezing. Watching Miss build snowmen, while repeatedly helping Master return to an upright position after falling face first into the snow because of his top-heavy winter clothing. Yes, I will go outside and play, but only on days when fun Daddy is home to help with these adventures. Maybe by next winter I will have become tougher and stronger.

Or, maybe not.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Quotable Quotes

On the way to church this evening:

Me: Remember, honey, that you need to listen to Mommy and Daddy at church. Especially when we tell you that it's time to go. We've been having some trouble with this, and I don't want to hear any complaining when we say that it's time to go home.

Miss: But, I don't wanna go home. I wanna play with Johaaaaaanaaaaa.

Me: You must listen when we say that it is time to leave.

Miss: (Long Pause) . . . . . (big sigh) . . . . If I must, I must.

On the way to bed this evening:

Master: Da-da. Da-da!! Buh-bye (little chubby arm waving like crazy), buh-bye!

Master is in such a cute stage right now that I can hardly describe it. Pretty much everything he says and does is adorable. New words every day. New connections being made in his little brain every five seconds. So. Darn. Cute.

Miss is enjoying this stage with Master, as well. She has taken to teaching him new things, and being really thrilled to see him imitate her. I think that she's been waiting for him to be able to do this for a long time. Now we'll just be waiting to hear his little voice say, "If I must, I must."

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

There and Back Again

We have returned from a 10 day trip to Sunny Southern Cal, only to be welcomed by a good bit of snow, and a morning temperature of -5. Fortunately, it did warm to -1 by lunchtime today.

The trip was a good one, with a lot of time for visiting with family, playing in the sun, and general relaxation. Miss had a wonderful time playing with the cousins and seeing the grandparents. Master enjoyed himself as well, though he again demonstrated that he is our little homebody. He just can't quite achieve a status of full comfort when he is away from home. He was so angelic on our return plane ride, that it almost seemed that he could sense our final destination. Today, he was as happy as I have ever seen him. Sitting with his books. Playing with his toys. Running in circles and laughing in the living room. If he had known to kiss the ground, he surely would have smooched the frozen pavement in front of our house when the cab dropped us there.

We are so thankful for the time with our families. And now, we are thankful to be home and to be settling back into the normal routine of life. Even if it is -5 tomorrow morning when I have to leave the house. Did I just write that? Yeesh.