Sunday, November 25, 2007

Notes on the Day

*I had an interesting morning, corralling all three children at church by myself. Mr. was forced to depart for work after Sunday School, leaving me to handle the three peanuts throughout the remainder of the morning. Master had to be fetched, taken to the bathroom, and returned to the nursery. Miss was retrieved from Sunday School (where she learned about "the feeding of the five thousand. By Jesus. With bread and fish."), and brought into the service with me. The little fella slept through most of the experience, but I had to lug his heaviness around in the car seat carrier up and down the stairs and wherever I went. It all went surprisingly smoothly, until after the service when Master decided to tour the choir loft in the sanctuary, while Miss took off in the other direction to run around the gym with her best pal. They were eventually rounded up, though it wasn't easy. Most frustratingly, I was unable to have any real conversation with anyone the entire morning, because I was on constant kid-patrol. I did manage a few fly-by 'hi, how are yous', but that was about it.

*It is cold here. And the real cold hasn't even really started. It climbed to 48 degrees today, and we were told by the TV weatherman to enjoy it, because it won't last for more than one day. We are trying to combat my California wimpiness and keep the thermostat set at 66 in the house. I am cold. Soon, I will begin to dress like this:

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life With a Big Sister

Here she comes. What is she going to do now?