Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dad Really Cracks Me Up

. . . especially when he does the Cookie Monster voice . . .

Friday, May 23, 2008

Don't you just hate it when . . .

. . . you schlep three small children, one box violin, one practice bow, one large chart, one backpack full of snacks and potty emergency necessaries, and yourself 1/2 hour across town to "group lessons". . . only to arrive and find that the only available parking is near the drug-dealer's playground . . . only to dodge the drug dealers and herd your brood into the school . . . only to find out that group lessons were canceled . . . and the teacher did *not* call you?

I do.

We salvaged the afternoon, however, with a trip to the lovely park near Joel's store, followed by dinner with Daddy during his lunch break. Corrie especially enjoyed the chance to chat up every mother or father or innocent bystander trying to enjoy the park. She even discussed her thumb sucking habit with one mommy. As that same mommy said to me later, "She's a talker!" Yes, oh yes, she is. But the girl had to endure the loss of her beloved group lesson this week, and so I suppose she's entitled to some consolation conversations.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lake Minnetonka

We took advantage of one of Joel's days off, and headed for Lake Minnetonka on Tuesday. It was great to see how beautiful it was in the Spring, and to reminisce about our time living in that area, when we first moved to Minnesota. Jack was crawling, Corrie was just learning how to dress herself, and we had no idea what the next years would bring. Thankfully, they have brought many blessings and much growth to us all.

Speaking of growth, Wesley had his 9 Month check up on Wednesday and was pronounced not-as-giant-as-before. He is 22 pounds 12 ounces (*only the 85th percentile*) and 30 inches long. He loves to sit and watch the world go by and be sweet. He doesn't try to stand, and the doctor said we should "work on that" so that he's pulling up by his 12 month appointment. Okey-Dokey. We'll get him in a strength training program right away. I say that he will stand up when he's good and ready and that there is *no* rush. These little ones all just seem to work at their own pace. We'll let him set his own.

Loving that lake breeze.
Happy Jack
Always moving
"Tell that doctor to leave me alone. I am busy contemplating."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring is Here

We have been so busy enjoying the crisp and beautiful spring days, that I have neglected to post updates on our various activities. So, here are some photos to bring you up to date:

The kids have been overjoyed to play in the backyard. Grandma and Papa were in town, and furnished a tee ball set that has been greatly appreciated by the children and their father.
The warmer temperatures have also allowed for some bike rides, and Wesley's first experience in the bike trailer. He enjoyed himself, and used the opportunity to take a spring snooze.

We've also taken every opportunity to visit and explore our local lake. Corrie and Jack love to find rocks to hurl into the water, and Jack has taken to exclaiming, "Look at the beeeeaauuutiful lake!" every time we drive past. When friends and family from California send pictures from the beach, he always says, "Look! They got to go to the lake!" Spoken like a true Minnesotan.

Our visit from Grandma and Papa also included a trip to a very cool model train museum in Saint Paul. It is housed in a great old railway building, and was quite small, but thrilling for the kids. Jack was in heaven.

The littlest peanut continues to grow at an alarming pace, and continues to entertain and enchant us all. Here he has an early morning snuggle on the couch with Sister:

Speaking of the big sister girl, Corrie has started violin lessons, and practices daily with her box violin and practice bow. She is learning all about rest position, playing position, the parts of the violin, and how to make a stellar bow hand before she gets to use a real violin. She is *loving* it . . . especially the weekly group lesson where she gets to be with a bunch of other kids and observe some who have been taking lessons for a while. When the day for the real violin finally comes, she will be excited beyond words.

After such a long winter, we are thoroughly soaking in the beauty of Spring. Everything here has changed drastically just in the past week. Tulips are everywhere, the trees are the brightest green, beautiful blossoming trees are in yards and along the parkways. People are crawling all over, like ants coming out of their holes. We have had conversations with our neighbors for the first time in months. The lakes are surrounded by joggers, bicyclists, and those just out for a stroll.

I've been so excited to be outside, that I've actually been running. And not just after the children, or because I'm being chased. On my own. On purpose. Now you know how drastically amazing the Spring air must be.