Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grandma & Grandad Time

We had a visit last week from Joel's parents. Despite the cold almost-winter-not-really-springish-at-all kind of weather we've been experiencing, we had a good time with them, and even braved the brutal wind at the park a couple of times. The kids are now insisting on playing outside, no matter how cold it is. They will not be denied any longer.

But, back to our visitors. The kids always love a visit from the grandparents, and this was no exception. They played games on Grandad's ipad, talked and snuggled with Grandma, and enjoyed a break from our normal routine. They also loved being able to involve them in our world by having them come to our church, and to our co-op and swim lessons.

We went on a fun outing to a locally well-known ice cream place. Yum.
We also visited the fabulous and free Minneapolis Institute of Art. Every time we go there, I am amazed by how much our kids enjoy it. Other than drying Jack's tears after he got a stern lecture from a docent for stepping on a platform marked "do not touch", we had a great time.

Good times at Smashburger. Our first time there . . . we enjoyed the food, but were puzzled by a steady shower of styrofoam landing on our table as it drifted down from the ceiling. The manager looked puzzled, too. Definitely don't need indoor snow effects in Minnesota.
As usual, Grandma and Grandad were generous with the kiddos -- Corrie is here sporting her new favorite shirt.
We also stopped by Target Field to buy some Twins tickets. Joel and I are planning a baseball date for when my parents visit -- next week. Hoping it won't be as cold as it was when we took that picture. Stay tuned for my whining if it is.

Thanks to Grandma and Grandad for making the trip, and for loads of fun memories.

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Trader Joel said...

good times were had by all...