Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Joys of Home Ownership

For the most part, our almost-one-year of home ownership has been an enjoyable one. We like our house. We love our neighborhood. We enjoy having a bit more space, and we've *really* enjoyed the sense of permanence that we have here.

Unfortunately, however, we are now in the midst of our first major repair project in our little house. Our bathroom is currently destroyed, as contractors are cutting out drywall, replacing tile, and putting it all back together again for us. This project grew out of a problematic leak that damaged the drywall behind the shnazzy green plastic tile (installed by the previous owners) in our shower. As we pondered fixing this problem, we decided that it would be best to go ahead and remove all of the shnazzy green plastic tile that covered the *entire* bathroom. And so, a pretty major project was born.

Losing the use of the primary bathroom in the house (if even for a few days) is not terribly fun. Especially during the potty training days. And, especially because Miss is terrified of every bump, thump, and drilling noise that escapes the work site. Our hardworking contractors promise that the job will be done soon -- perhaps tomorrow. That would be a wonderful, wonderful thing.

In the meanwhile, I had a lovely afternoon with the littles in our backyard. They experienced the thrill of running in a sprinkler on a hot summer day for the first time. And so, even in the midst of stinkin' home repair trouble, I had reason to be grateful for our house. And for sprinklers.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Third Trimester

Today marks the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy. I am feeling the desire to clean, organize, and complete various household projects before this little one arrives. I am also feeling rather . . . how does one put it? . . . LARGE.

Miss verified my largeness today, by make the following observation as we strolled about the neighborhood:

"Mom, you're walking funny. I think it's because you have baby brother in your tummy. I think that you need one of those strollers for grown-ups. You know, one of those chairs with wheels that people use who can't walk. Then I could push you. Yeah, that's what you need."

Saturday, June 02, 2007

An Update . . .

on the potty training, for all of you out there holding your breath in anticipation. I know, I know, you have scarcely been able to sleep as you wondered how little Master was coming along. You have been picturing him with this look on his face.

Perhaps you had also concluded that, due to the lack of follow up posting on the blog, his mother had thrown herself out of the upstairs window due to the stress of it all.

Well, I am overjoyed to say that *major* strides have been made in the realm of Master's potty usage, and his mother is (amazingly) quite calm about the whole process. The little guy is proving to be a little champ in this area, and he is quite pleased with himself. I am more than quite pleased because he is doing *so* much better than I could have wished for, only 6 days into the process. There is a lot of clapping, rejoicing, and chocolate eating going on around here, let me tell you.

Happy, happy, happy is the Peanut household. Master is the master of the bathroom. Miss continues to be happily encouraging the process. Mr. is home, home, home for the next two days. It all is enough to make Mommy very happy, indeed.