Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We arrived home yesterday from a road trip to Chicago, and are feeling very thankful for our time back on our old stomping grounds. We piled the kids in the car on Wednesday morning, and enjoyed the beautiful drive across Wisconsin and down into the northern 'burbs of Chicago. The kids did quite well on the drive, and were delighted with our hotel and the wondrous murphy bed upon which Corrie and Jack were privileged to sleep. Thankfully, no one was smashed or maimed as a result of their fascination with that bed.

Our first day in Chicagoland involved taking the train into the city, where we went to the Shedd Aquarium, Buckingham Fountain and Michigan Avenue. The kids had a great time, and the boys were especially enamored with the train ride. Our second day was dedicated to returning to our home in Evanston, where Corrie was born and lived the first year of her life. It was great, and so nostalgic for Joel and I. The next day we went into the city again, this time by car, and visited the fantastic Lincoln Park Zoo, and saw a concert in the same neighborhood by our friends, The Spares. Love, love, love their music!

Finally, we were able to attend a church that was recently established by some good friends from our Chicago days, and then were hosted for lunch by some friends who made up our small group at that time. We haven't seen many of them for years, but it was great to make connections again, and to see how our families have grown. We were all young married couples with no kids in those days, and now there was quite the gang of little ones running around.

All in all, a great trip . . . and a gift to have Joel away from work and all to ourselves for a few days!

On the Train!
Getting ready for the 3D Movie. She hated it, by the way.
Wes & Daddy
That is one big fountain
At the front door of our old apartment
Best giant cinnamon chip scones ever.
We stopped at a lot of playgrounds
Hey look, it's a polar bear

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lowry Nature Center

We took a family field trip this week to one of the nature centers / park reserves in our area. It was a beautiful, HUGE place with great walking trails. The kids absolutely love these places, and are more than happy to spend the morning being "nature explorers." This particular nature center included a great nature themed playground, complete with otter slides, a beaver dam, and lily pads. We are having an amazing early spring in Minnesota, and it feels so great to get out an enjoy it.

Some pictures . . .